Global Youth Forum on Climate Change

Youth are a key stakeholder in addressing impacts of climate change. To build the capacity and empower youth at national, regional, and international level, SLYCAN Trust organises the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change, which is held annually as part of Sri Lanka NEXT Conference, organised by the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment of Sri Lanka.

The Forum which has been a component of Sri Lanka NEXT Conference since its first session in 2016, brings together a group of selected participants (based on a selection process) who are working on, interested in working on climate change related sectors and addressing issues related to climate change.

The sessions of the Forum are organised to create awareness, develop skills and capacity, and engage youth in climate action. It also aims to provide financial and technical support to youth participants who complete a project proposal focusing on a climate and environment related issue , and are committed to implement the activities of the project on a topic related to addressing impacts of climate change, and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Since 2018, the Forum has also introduced continued capacity building process for participants on project development and implementation, having one’s own start-up, building individual capacity of participants to effectively engage in climate action.

Project duration: September 2016 – to date
Project status: Ongoing
Team members involved:

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About the Author

Since 2016 SLYCAN is a registered legal entity in the form of a Trust, and work under the title of SLYCAN Trust, expanding the issues of focus, and widening the scope of focus from youth centric to a multi-stakeholder driven, and social justice driven process. SLYCAN Trust envisions wider engagement and a wider range of activities on the themes of sustainable development, climate change, gender and animal welfare, and social justice to ensure that we strive for a better future for all.