Meatless Monday Sri Lanka & Sustainable Food Consumption and Production

The Meatless Monday Sri Lanka campaign is being implemented by SLYCAN Trust since 2015. It focuses on sustainable food consumption to address the impacts of climate change, promote animal welfare, and achieve sustainable development. In partnership with Humane Society International, SLYCAN Trust has brought the global Meatless Monday campaign to Sri Lanka and spearheads the push for a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle that upholds the right of animals to humane treatment.

Under Meatless Monday Sri Lanka project, SLYCAN Trust conducts extensive advocacy, outreach, research, and policy-related activities that address all stakeholders in line with the objectives of the project. The SLYCAN Trust Meatless Monday Sri Lanka campaign has grown over the years since its start in 2015. From partnering with local hotels, restaurants, and the Good Market Colombo to workshops and events, meat-reduced, vegetarian, and vegan lifestyles are gaining popularity in Sri Lanka.

SLYCAN Trust continues to implement Meatless Monday Sri Lanka and promote sustainable food consumption at national and regional level, as well promote entrepreneurship linked to sustainable food production and consumption in Sri Lanka.

Project duration: 2015 – to date
Project status: Ongoing
Team members involved:

Tags: Mitigation, Food Security, Health, Education, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Biodiversity and Wildlife, Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement, Law & Policy, Animal Welfare, Youth Forum

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Since 2016 SLYCAN is a registered legal entity in the form of a Trust, and work under the title of SLYCAN Trust, expanding the issues of focus, and widening the scope of focus from youth centric to a multi-stakeholder driven, and social justice driven process. SLYCAN Trust envisions wider engagement and a wider range of activities on the themes of sustainable development, climate change, gender and animal welfare, and social justice to ensure that we strive for a better future for all.