Introducing Climate Change Communication into Journalism Education in Sri Lanka

SLYCAN Trust in partnership with the Sri Lanka College of Journalism launched the first module on climate change communication for journalists in Sri Lanka on 19th September 2018.

The module focuses on:

  • Creating awareness among journalism students on climate change and related issues which impact at national and international level

  • Capacity building on effective communication on climate change and sustainable development related topics

  • Engaging the journalism students in writing on issues related to climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection.

The lectures are conducted by experts in the fields of climate change, sustainable development and communication,  in all three languages with interpretations where needed. The students will be work with the experts in developing their skills, and communicating for different purposes on the fields of focus, by using different communication platforms.

Ms. Vositha Wijenayake, Executive Director of SLYCAN Trust with the student journalists.

Mr. Namiz Musafer, Consultant to Switch-Asia Project speaking on sustainable consumption and production

For further information kindly contact SLYCAN Trust via email: [email protected] or call us: 011 744 6238

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Since 2016 SLYCAN is a registered legal entity in the form of a Trust, and work under the title of SLYCAN Trust, expanding the issues of focus, and widening the scope of focus from youth centric to a multi-stakeholder driven, and social justice driven process. SLYCAN Trust envisions wider engagement and a wider range of activities on the themes of sustainable development, climate change, gender and animal welfare, and social justice to ensure that we strive for a better future for all.