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Knowledge Management & Communications Associate

Research & Knowledge Management Division

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February 25, 2023

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SLYCAN Trust is is an internationally recognized non-profit think tank working on climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, animal welfare, and social justice including gender and youth empowerment. Our work spans the national, regional, and global level from policy analysis and evidence-based research to on-the-ground implementation

Our work programme on climate change adaptation and loss and damage (L&D) focuses on addressing climate-induced L&D through evidence-based policy and action under the UNFCCC process, with a special focus on climate resilience building, climate-related human mobility and non-economic or cultural L&D. The programme focuses on building the technical capacities of key stakeholders, including policymakers, to better engage in the UNFCCC negotiation process through national, regional, and international initiatives as well as the development of evidence-based products which facilitate national and regional position-building related to adaptation and L&D in the context of the UNFCCC negotiations. It also aims to enhance cross-regional collaboration to facilitate inclusive and participatory processes related to adaptation and L&D under the UNFCCC and amplify the voices of developing country stakeholders in key decision-making processes with enhanced technical capacity, evidence to demonstrate the impacts felt, and positions that build resilience of communities and ecosystems.

With the expansion of our work programme on CCA and L&D we are inviting skilled individuals to join our team, to work towards innovative and evidence-based solutions to addressed climate change impacts at local, national, regional and global level. 

For more information on the current vacancy available via the terms of reference.