Integrating Human Mobility into Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans

March 24, 2022

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March 24, 2022

Climate change increasingly influences and shapes the patterns of human mobility across the world. From internal or international migration to disaster displacement and planned relocation, the impacts of climate change create new push and pull factors, exacerbate underlying vulnerabilities, and alter the interaction of aspirations, perceived opportunities, and decision-making related to human mobility.

With regard to the integration of human mobility considerations into climate policies and processes, it is therefore critical to understand the context and multi-causal, multi-directional nature of these linkages between different forms of mobility and different impacts of climate change.

This scoping paper aims to identify key aspects, elements, and considerations for enhancing the integration of safe and orderly human mobility into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plans (NAP), and other climate-related policies, processes, and documents.

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