SLYCAN Trust appoints Dulanga Witharanage as Country Director for EthicalX

April 1, 2024

To head its Entrepreneurship Empowerment Initiative in Sri Lanka

SLYCAN Trust recently announced the appointment of Dulanga Witharanage as Country Director: Sri Lanka for the EthicalX: Climate & Innovation Hub, a pioneering initiative dedicated to fostering ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly entrepreneurship. The appointment is effective as of 1 April 2024.

SLYCAN Trust, a non-profit think tank, has amongst its key areas resilience building through entrepreneurship interlinked with work on climate change, sustainable development, ecosystem conservation, animal welfare, and inclusion. EthicalX provides the space for focusing on entrepreneurship which is ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly. 

EthicalX: Climate and Innovation Hub focuses on capacity-building, technical support provision, and mobilising resources through partnerships, with a special focus on vulnerable communities, women, and youth. It consists of the EthicalX Incubator & Accelerator programme as well as the Climate & Innovation Hubs established for knowledge generation and sharing. 

In her new role, Witharanage will lead EthicalX’s strategic initiatives in Sri Lanka including promoting ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly business practices as well as enhancing and expanding collaborations and partnerships for advancing climate-friendly entrepreneurship across industries. This includes overseeing programme activities, engaging with stakeholders at national and international level, and spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable entrepreneurship.

Witharanage brings to her new role experience in international development and entrepreneurship empowerment. Her work intersects with climate change, international development, and entrepreneurship, with a focus on private sector development and climate change integration across the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in portfolios encompassing agriculture, fisheries, and tourism. She aims to drive impactful change and sustainable solutions in these critical sectors by fostering collaboration and innovation among diverse stakeholders.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

SLYCAN TrustNo. 96 Bernard Soysa Mawatha,Colombo 00500

[email protected]

0117 446 238

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SLYCAN Trust is a non-profit think tank. It has been a registered legal entity in the form of a trust since 2016, and a guarantee limited company since 2019. The entities focus on the thematic areas of climate change, adaptation and resilience, sustainable development, environmental conservation and restoration, social justice, and animal welfare. SLYCAN Trust’s activities include legal and policy research, education and awareness creation, capacity building and training, and implementation of ground level action. SLYCAN Trust aims to facilitate and contribute to multi-stakeholder driven, inclusive and participatory actions for a sustainable and resilient future for all.