SLYCAN Trust & EthicalX Launches Partnership with CLIMAFUGE

July 25, 2023

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in economic empowerment and building long term resilience through enhanced risk management. To support ethical, sustainable and climate-friendly entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka and beyond, SLYCAN Trust and EthicalX: Climate and Innovation Hub launched their partnership with CLIMAFUGE  on the 6th of July 2023 at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo.

CLIMAFUGE is an innovative investment and inclusive partnership model to promote ethical and climate-friendly business practices in the fashion, food systems, tourism, and waste management sectors. The program aims to support ethical, sustainable and climate-friendly entrepreneurship together with SLYCAN Trust and EthicalX. The business model was initiated building on the work of SLYCAN Trust and the Innovation Hub, to address the key gaps and needs identified through the work with different stakeholders to facilitate entrepreneurship that is inclusive and gender-responsive, as well as ethical, sustainable and climate-friendly.  The work of the tripartite partnership is focused on supporting vulnerable communities as well as youth empowerment to build long term and sustained resilience.

The event consisted of the launch of the initial CLIMAFUGE partnerships, which include four brands: MENDÉS Ceylon by Sajee Senevirathne, an ethical and sustainable fashion line; YAKADA by Ruwanthi Gajadheera, a regenerative fashion project; Cham’s Goodies by Chamini Udupihilla, a plant based confectioner; and ALEAF by Alafiya Najmudeen, a manufacturer of vegan leather handbags.

Addressing the event, Mr. Dennis Mombauer – Director: Research & Knowledge Management at SLYCAN Trust, discussed the EthicalX initiative and how it has transformed since its inception to meet the needs of climate-friendly entrepreneurs: “EthicalX started as an incubator and accelerator program for entrepreneurs, and later transformed into a climate and innovation hub - a platform for entrepreneurs to get access to the skills, knowledge, resources and support that they need to make their businesses ethical and climate-friendly.”

“To further support them in their efforts at creating products that integrate the values that we uphold at SLYCAN Trust and EthicalX, CLIMAFUGE was initiated. The entrepreneurs who are play an integral role in this partnership focus on areas such as food systems especially plant-based food options, fashion, waste management and tourism. Our aim is to support them in enhancing their contribution towards building climate resilience through climate-friendly entrepreneurial practices,” he added.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Vositha Wijenayake, Executive Director of SLYCAN Trust – Global explained that CLIMAFUGE is a purpose-driven organization. “CLIMAFUGE is created to support addressing gaps and needs that prevent entrepreneurs from scaling up their efforts to make their businesses ethical, sustainable and climate-friendly. And it builds on a model which includes evidence generation that identifies key issues, and actions that need to be implemented through capacity-built entrepreneurs, as well as raising means of implementation including needed investment,” she explained.

The event was attended by Hon. Minister of Environment. Mr. Naseer Ahamed as well as other key stakeholders from the government, academia, finance and insurance sectors, apparel and textile manufacturers, entrepreneurs from the fashion and food sectors along with influencers and media personalities passionate about climate action and sustainability.    

For further information on SLYCAN Trust and its initiatives, please contact [email protected]

General Information

SLYCAN Trust is a non-profit think tank working on climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity and eco- system conservation, animal welfare, and social justice including gender and youth empowerment. Our work spans the national, regional, and global level from policy analysis and evidence-based research to implementation on the ground across Asia and Africa.

EthicalX: Climate & Innovation Hub aims to support ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly entrepreneurship through activities related to capacity-building, provision of technical support and expertise, and raising seed funding with a special focus on vulnerable communities, women, and youth. EthicalX works towards building long-term climate resilience, sustainable development, and economic empowerment to scale up entrepreneurship development and support vulnerable communities, women, and youth.

CLIMAFUGE aims to transform business solutions through ethical, sustainable, and climate-friendly practices, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This includes innovative investment and inclusive partnership models in key sectors such as fashion, food systems, tourism, and waste management in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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SLYCAN Trust is a non-profit think tank. It has been a registered legal entity in the form of a trust since 2016, and a guarantee limited company since 2019. The entities focus on the thematic areas of climate change, adaptation and resilience, sustainable development, environmental conservation and restoration, social justice, and animal welfare. SLYCAN Trust’s activities include legal and policy research, education and awareness creation, capacity building and training, and implementation of ground level action. SLYCAN Trust aims to facilitate and contribute to multi-stakeholder driven, inclusive and participatory actions for a sustainable and resilient future for all.